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Ink Wish is a 2D platformer game which takes place in Egypt. The main character, called Inky, is a drop of ink. It has a chance to be something different by the help of the Egyptian God, Thoth. Inky needs collect all ink drops to complete transformation during its journey. Player can control Inky with a gamepad.

Team Pinky: Baturhan Gürbüz, Melis Tataroğlu, Meltem Özmutlu, Nihat Aksel, Selim Özkil, Simay Gizem Çavuşoğlu

Install instructions

You need a gamepad to play the game and for the menu interactions you'll need a mouse.


InkyWish_GDD.pdf 61 kB
Ink Wish.zip 19 MB
Ink Wish Presentation.pptx 1 MB

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